Boise Boycott: Save Old-Growth Forests!

Starting Date: 10-22-2005
Starting Time: 0:30am

400 NE 45th Street
Seattle, Washington 98105
United States
Boycott Boise Cascade! The Boise Cascade Logging company gave a commitment to environmentalists 2 years ago not to log old-growth forests. With a recent fire through the Fischer Forest in Wenatchee (Central WA), they're moving in on old-growth. Companies try to justify this type of timber extraction as "salvage logging." But nothing's being salvaged here. We've been through the forest, seen the wildlife back to thrive, and know the forest will regenerate in just a few years. Isn't that better than a clearcut and trees lost forever?! Plus, Boise has taken their agreement not to log old-growth off of their website. OfficeMax sells Boise products, so we'll be there to say: "Boise, keep your promise!"
Geographical Scope: Metro

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