Forest Candlelight vigil

Starting Date: 10-10-2005
Ending Date: 10-16-2005

Wenatchee Forest
Leavenworth, Washington
United States
A candlight vigil in the forest-Greetings! Local environmentalists are holding a candlelight
vigil in the Wenatchee Forest just outside of Leavenworth all week. We are asking that the Boise Cascade Logging company back out of its plan to cut down
the Fischer Forest. 2 years ago, Boise gave a commitment to environmentalists not to log any old-growth forests. Earlier this year, a fire swept through the
Fischer area, and Boise saw an opportunity to redefine this area as non old-growth. However, we've seen the huge trees, and they're marking big, green healthy ones to cut along with burnt areas that will have the chance to
regenerate in just a few years if it's not turned into a clearcut! Plus, since they bought this area from the U.S. Forest Service (the government agency which manages forests), they have quietly taken their old-growth agreement off their website. We ask students and faculty to join us in order to say "Boise, keep
your promise!"

Contact to find us: Justin, (503)261-3349,

Please let us know if you will be able to post this. Event name: Forest
candlelight vigil
Event time: all day and night this week, Oct. 10th- 16th with a big campout
Friday through Saturday.

Geographical Scope: Local

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