Students and Educators Against the War

Starting Date: 11-19-2005
Starting Time: 8:00am

4131 S. Vermont
Los Angeles, California 90037
United States
The goals of this event are:
"1. Educating and sharing information about the nature of the war system and its relation to racism and economic injustice at home.
2. Encouraging activism in schools, on campuses, and elsewhere toward the goal of stopping the war in Iraq.
3. Building relationships among those doing this work on the West Coast in order to strengthen and deepen our movement."

Workshops and speakers will focus on:
1. International and domestic aspects of war and occupation as they affect students, educators, support personnel and other public employees
2. Anti-war activity in unions, schools, colleges, and universities
3. Development of pedagogy and intellectual and cultural materials to bring the Iraq war and the anti-war movement into our classrooms
4. Responses to military recruiters, the poverty draft, and the possible restoration of a military draft, military resistance, and veterans issues "
Geographical Scope: Metro

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