Demonstration in Front of Independent Florida Alligator

Starting Date: 01-14-2006
Starting Time: 1:30pm

1105 W University Ave
Gainesville, Florida
United States
Florida AIM to demonstrate against racist University of Florida newspaper.
GAINESVILLE, FL The American Indian Movement of Florida ("Florida AIM") will hold a demonstration in front of the Independent Florida Alligator (1105 W University Ave Gainesville) on Saturday January 14, 2006 at 1:30 p.m.

The Alligator editorialized on Thanksgiving weekend with an editorial cartoon that made light of killing American Indians. Florida AIM preferring the dialogue of cooperation to the rhetoric of confrontation sent a letter to the editorial board of the Alligator explaining that while Indian people make up 1/125th of the US population-Indians constitute 30% of the victims of violent hate crime in America. Florida AIM further explained that families of Indian people murdered in hate crimes such as Candice Rough Surface, Wilson "Wally" Black Elk Jr., Ronald Hard Heart, Carol Garbow, Gabby Daniels, Allen Two Crows, Justin Redday, and Robert Many Horses (to name a very few) remain in mourning and have yet to find any justice. Florida AIM simply asked the Alligator to provide basic human respect and dignity to Indigenous peoples by apologizing to the families, and perhaps help to erase the ignorance many have about these issues.

The silence from the Alligator has been deafening. Native organizations including the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, several Indian social workers and individuals from across the globe have since expressed their righteous indignation at the Alligator?s cartoon and silence upon our reasonable request. This shows us that the Alligator willfully and maliciously intended to offend and call for further hate crimes against indigenous peoples.

Florida AIM believes enough is enough! Racist, anti-Indian mouthpieces such as the Alligator who openly support the murder of Indigenous peoples and the continued suffering of Indigenous peoples families must be challenged, confronted, exposed and extinguished. Florida AIM respects the pain of the families of Indigenous peoples who have been murdered in brutal hate crimes, often with the families finding no solace or closure in the American justice system. Florida AIM is vehemently outraged that the Alligator supports the hate crimes and these peoples suffering.

Florida AIM continues to demand a basic apology and efforts by the Alligator to educate and inform the public-the mission of a newspaper. If this paper continues to refuse to provide basic human respect and dignity towards Native peoples, Florida AIM will continue to work to destroy the Alligator as a racist anti-Indian newspaper that promotes and encourages hate crimes. This can and will not be tolerated by any Indigenous rights organization let alone the American Indian Movement of Florida.
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