Midwest Student Energy Conference

Starting Date: 03-03-2006
Ending Date: 03-05-2006

Madison, Wisconsin 53701
United States
Global Warming is the issue of our time. Students all over the
country know this and are organizing for solutions.

Now is the time to come together from our individual campuses to unite
our energy and solutions! Imagine what we could accomplish if we
educate ourselves, get grassroots organizing and campaign training,
and then go back to campus to make an even bigger impact.

The Midwest Student Energy Conference will feature:

Trainings and Briefings from
Prominent energy policy and global warming experts
State and national environmental organization advocates and directors
Professional grassroots organizers

Forums and panel discussions on

The Campus Climate Challenge (www.campusclimatechallenge.org ). The
Energy Action Coalition nation-wide effort to get 500 Universities to
reduce their global warming gases by 90% by 2050.
Case studies on winning campus energy efficiency campaigns
State campaigns for renewable portfolio standards

Opportunities to:

Learn a ton about the issues, campaigns and organizing
Network with organizations and other students
Discuss regional campaign possibilities

Registration is FREE!!!
(Includes housing and breakfast)

If you are interested in attending, email Dan Kohler
dankohler@pirg.org . or Renae Steichen - renae24@gmail.com
Register online Here (www.energyaction.net/midwest it should be up
by January 16)

Please forward this invitation to others.

The Midwest Student Energy Conference is being organized by groups

Student PIRGs www.studentpirgs.org

Energy Action www.energyaction.net

Global Exchange www.globalexchange.org

Apollo Alliance www.apolloalliance.org

Sierra Student Coalition www.ssc.org
Geographical Scope: Regional

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