Victoria's Dirty Secret Roadshow

Starting Date: 02-27-2006
Ending Date: 03-03-2006

United States
Victoria’s Dirty Secret Roadshow

What’s Victoria’s Dirty Secret? You mean you haven’t heard? Everybody’s talking about it. Sense starting in October of 2004 we have had 3 national days of action with over 350 demonstrations across the country, with dozens of rolling demonstrations between these bigger actions.

Limited Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, has been feeling the pressure from our campaign and are starting to make corporate change toward sustainability. The company is having to spend more and more time on our issue – going so far as to have a senior rep. met with a Columbus, OH area activist to discuss the concerns we’re raising.

International Paper (IP) is the company that Victoria’s Secret sources its catalog paper from. Traditionally IP has refused to even discuss logging operations in the endangered Boreal with ForestEthics, but due to the pressure Limited is feeling they were forced, along with their supplier, West Fraiser and the Alberta Government to meet with us recently. This was great, but more “encouragement” on the ground is needed for them to enact meaningful changes that protect our forests.

Hosting a Victoria’s Dirty Secret Roadshow is a great way to learn more about the issues surrounding corporate responsibility as related to forest destruction. You will also learn about upcoming events, trainings, and actions for your group to participate in.

Roadshow Info:

When: Monday February 27th – Friday March 3rd

What: Tailored 1hr – 1 ½ hr issue and campaign overview presentation
• Forest heavy presentation
• Market Campaign strategy focused presentation
• Boreal Species focused presentation
• Victoria’s Secret campaign focused presentation
• Human Rights / Indigenous perspective focused presentation

Cost: 100% free!!!

How: RSVP your interest in a presentation by Wednesday February 15th
• Perfered focus
• Perfered day and time / School Name & Location
• Number of people attending

Thanks and send all RSVP’s to me at;

Charlie Fredrick
Geographical Scope: State


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