Student Pugwash Regional Conference: Pharamaceuticals and Scientific Integrity

Starting Date: 03-31-2006
Ending Date: 04-01-2006

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
United States
Student Pugwash USA is kicking off the New Year with a series of regional conferences! The first of which will be held at Purdue University, March 31- April 1, and will feature Dr. Arden Bement, director of the National Science Foundation, as keynote speaker. The focus of the conference is as follows: "The integrity of objective scientific work is being compromised by political, ideological, religious, or financial motives and is confusing and dividing the American public. How can scientists and engineers strengthen the publicís image of science and technology?" Students from across the nation are encouraged to attend.

Student Pugwash USA empowers science, technology, and policy students to make social responsibility a guiding focus of their academic and professional careers. Please visit our website and join our listserv at (The next regional conference will be held at Rockefeller University in New York City, May 20- 21, focusing on mental health and society.)
Geographical Scope: Regional

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