UNCW Goes Global

Starting Date: 03-20-2006
Starting Time: 8:00am
Ending Date: 04-08-2006

University Of North Carolina At Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403
United States
For complete event listings and descriptions, see website at http://www.aiuncw.org

The events scheduled for the next few weeks are intended to
highlight various human rights injustices around the planet. Topics range from the current Sudanese genocide to the repercussions of US foreign policy in Nicaragua. Lectures, panel discussions, and documentaries are all part of the itinerary beginning March 20 and ending April 7. The UNCW chapter of Amnesty International has organized the events to familiarize students with the international community and foster support to end the many human rights violations occuring in the world.
Geographical Scope: Local

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