7th Annual Grassroots Use of Technology Conference: 'Building Community'

Starting Date: 06-17-2006

U Mass
Boston, Massachusetts 02125
United States
This Year's Theme

The Conference theme this year is Building Community On
and Off-Line in the 21ST Century. In this time of
increasing isolation and fear, shrinking leisure time,
and limited funds, building community between
organizations, neighborhoods, and individuals is more
important then ever. We will focus on how new and
existing technology can help us build strong communities
in these changing times. The program will include case
studies, panels, discussions, and hands-on workshops
that focus on this theme.

Your Help is Needed

In order to meet the above goals, we need your help.
Here is how you can participate:

Conference Committee - are you good at Planning?
Organizing? Developing Programs? If so, then we need you
to be part of the Conference Committee. This year we are
using a on-line tool based on Civic Space, that allows
people from all over the country to participate. You
don't need to come to Boston! Also, we are making
meetings as short and productive as possible, because we
know that everyone's time is limited. So, if you are
interested in becoming part of the Conference Committee,
you can email me at Stu[at]oc-tech.org .

Presenters- Are you an expert on Druple? Do you know
the best techniques for reaching the Media? Are you part
of an organization doing work on the cutting edge, and
want to show everyone what you are up to? We are looking
for people to develop presentations and workshops that
will share your knowledge and benefit the progressive
community. While we will be releasing a formal Call for
Proposals soon, we would still like to hear about your
ideas for workshops/talks and know if would like to be a
presenter. Please contact me at Stu[at]oc-tech.org and let
me know you are interested.

Penguin Day -Exploring Free and Open Source Software

We are working on a Penguin Day as part of the conference, on
Sunday, June 18. This is program that has traveled the country,
exploring free and open source software. Penguin Day brings
together non-profit technology staff and open source software
(OSS) developers for a day of learning and conversation.
They demystify open source for nonprofits, frankly address the
challenges of developing open source tools for non profits, and
celebrate strengths and successes of open source in the nonprofit sector.
For more information about this project, go to: http://www.penguinday.org

Supporters/Sponsors - If you would like to be a
supporter or sponsor of this year Grassroots Use of
Technology, or have contacts that you think would,
please let me know at Stu[at]oc-tech.org

Volunteers - Do you want to be involved but have limited
time you can spare? Do you have specific skills that we
can use? Want be involved but don't live in Boston? Can
help out only on conference day? If this sounds like
you, then think about becoming a conference volunteer.
Volunteers are need in all skills areas, from helping
with mailings, doing Press work, and helping to set up
on conference day. Additionally, many of the tasks can
be done on line or on the phone, so location isn't a
problem. Interested? Contact me at Stu[at]oc-tech.org
Geographical Scope: National

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