Change It (all expenses paid, weeklong student activism training)

Starting Date: 07-28-2006
Ending Date: 08-03-2006

Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Deadline in less than 2 weeks!

A new wave of activism has hit the student movement. Students are organizing on hundreds of campuses in every corner of the country. The truth is, as fast as we are growing, it is not enough to be active. To meet the scale of the challenges we face, we must learn how to create large-scale social change. That's where you come in.

For one week this summer, Greenpeace will put on a revolutionary new training for the 100 of the best student leaders in the country. The program will be challenging, motivating, and comprehensive. You will be ready to run a groundbreaking campaign on your campus this Fall and take leadership in a powerful Greenpeace student network designed to win bolder victories to protect the planet. The best part: thanks to the generosity of our partner, Seventh Generation, the training will be FREE for everyone accepted including registration, travel, lodging, and food!

Apply now for Change It 2006

The Change It Program will include:
- Speakers: A range of inspiring keynotes and panelists speaking about their experiences on the front lines of global change
- Strategy: An intensive campaign simulation program that will train you in campus organizing, campaign strategy, and corporate campaigning
- Media: Learn how to use media to amplify your impact: Press conferences, Writing News Releases, Pitching Reporters
- Skills: Get the best trainings out there in basic organizing techniques: Running Meetings, Developing Leaders, Running a Successful Group, Recruiting
- Action: Winning bold victories requires bold action: Direct Action, Lobbying, Event Planning
- Anti-oppression: In any great struggle, it is essential to know the underlying conditions: Overcoming Class and Racial Barriers in Organizing
- Hands-on Experience: No activist gathering is complete without action: An Actual Press Event


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Geographical Scope: National

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