April 26 CA Day Of StateWide Student Solidarity

Starting Date: 04-26-2006
Starting Time: 12:00pm

Every Uc, CalState, & Community College Campus
United States
Wassup People,
This is El Congresso de UCSB (aka MEChA). We are writing to you in regards to a statewide day of Student Solidarity and action. Our attempt is to show our solidarity as Underrepresented-Students, through a march and rally which will directly oppose anti-immigrant legislation, lack of Students of Color in Higher Education and to promote community solidarity. The set date for our campus is April 26th, and we are reaching out to the underrepresented communities on our campuses: i.e. students of color, the queer community, the womyn's orgs. and the working class community. We hope that together, we can create and mobilize a statewide day of solidarity and action through the incorporation of student groups, unions, and faculty in all of the UCs, Cal-States, and Community Colleges. Please contact us whenever you can so we know if your campus is represented.
In Solidarity,
Erick Iniguez Chonsy23@yahoo.com
Jeronimo Saldana Jeronimo@umail.ucsb.edu (562)644-8413
El Congreso de UCSB
Geographical Scope: State
Day of Action

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