Reclaim Our Fate! People's Summit on Climate, Energy and Global Justice

Starting Date: 07-09-2006
Starting Time: 12:00pm

4132 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, District of Columbia 20001
United States
Reclaim Our Fate! Reclaim The Debate!
People's Summit on Climate, Energy, and Global Justice

Rising Tide North America and Mobilization for Global Justice present:

A FREE half-day Teach-In, followed by Action Spokes Council Meeting and Benefit Concert

SUNDAY July 9th, noon-midnight (doors open 11:30 am -- see schedule below)
At the People's Media Center and AlFishawy Cafe 4132 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington DC

On July 9th in Washington, DC, join activists speaking out on Climate Change and the "Energy Crisis." As Global Justice movements plan worldwide protests opposing the July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit in Russia -- where world leaders including President Bush will meet to cement agreement on enforcement of wartime "energy security" policies that threaten the Earth and communities everywhere with invasion, ecological disaster and economic collapse -- we will gather to reclaim the deb8te and our f8te from domin8tion by the Group of 8, eight of the world's largest consumerist countries. THEY want massive expansion of nuclear power plants worldwide AND trillions of dollars in new subsidies to the fossil fuel industries responsible for increasing clim8te ch8os and wars...BUT WE WILL RECLAIM A DIFFERENT FATE!!

SUNDAY July 9th, noon-midnight (doors open 11:30 am -- see schedule below)

At the People's Media Center and AlFishawy Cafe 4132 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington DC
(between Upshur & Taylor, 3 blocks North of Petworth metro Station on the green line, Bus #70/71/62/64)

12 to 1:45 -- Climate Science 101 and Direct Action Strategies to stop Climate Catastrophe.
Presented by Climate Crisis Coalition and Rising Tide North America

2 to 3:45 -- The Mountain Justice Movement to save Southern Appalachia's Mountains from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, and Energy Alternatives that Don't Suck! Presented by Mountain Justice Summer activists and Energy Justice Network

4 to 5:45 -- Oil and Empire, Bombs and Poverty ... For Global Justice, Against War: Linking Our Movements, Before It's Too Late! Discussion facilitated by local DC anti-war and global justice activists

PLUS trainings (Legal, Health & Safety, Direct Action Tactics) for affinity groups and individuals participating in non-violent direct action with the July 10-16 DC Gr8 Week of Resistance to the G8's Great Greed!

Teach-In organized by Rising Tide North America and Mobilization for Global Justice,
Sponsored by Reclaim the Commons

Visit and e-mail for more details

6-midnight -- $5 vegetarian dinner-n-drink ( No Alcohol )

6:30 pm -- Action Spokescouncil meeting for DC Week of Resistance to the G8 **
8-midnight -- Benefit Concert for "Green Scare" imprisoned environmental activists and for the July 15th International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change **
OPEN TO ALL! With Mosquito Death Squadron (art/experimental rock) and more bands TBA $5 donation suggested (no one turned away).

** The Green Scare is a federal round-up environmental and animal rights activists, which The National Lawyer's Guild among others has condemned as unconstitutional. Officially called "Operation Backfire", this wide-scale orchestrated investigation of activists uses paid informants, warrantless spying on a range of organizations, and threats of severe sanctions to leverage fear of conviction under unprecedented penalties for property crimes. 888-NLG-ECOLAW is a hotline established to support these activists. Visit for more info on solidarity with Green Scare victims.

** The G8, or Group of 8, is the seven wealthiest industrialized nations in the world plus Russia. They officially meet once a year to strategize policies and plan their joint domination of the world, and in recent years have been confronted by intense popular demonstrations wherever they go. The political heads of these countries -- the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan -- are pushing the agenda of corporate globalization at the cost of the welfare of the people they claim to represent. We take to the streets when the G8 meets to reject their worldview of profit at any cost, and to reclaim our commons of autonomous political space. Authentic democracy or corporate oligarchy? The choice is ours...


RELCAIM THE DEBATE! RESIST THE G8! Visit for frequent updates about global resistance to the July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit. Contact
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