2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention

Starting Date: 07-21-2006
Ending Date: 07-23-2006

Chicago, Illinois
United States
The 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention, scheduled to be held in Chicago, IL from July 20– 23, 2006 at Northeastern Illinois’ Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, will build upon the past success of the 2004 convention in Newark, New Jersey to become one of the largest youth led, civic education projects in the history of the United States! By training, educating and engaging youth and young adults from across the country about the ins and outs of commerce, grassroots activism, issue education, personal and collective responsibility, community development, governmental processes and civic participation, the 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention will help shape our country’s outlook and activities for years to come!
Money. Power. Respect. Convention Goals
The term Money, Power, Respect is universally understood among members of the Hip Hop Generation, with many of us engaged in a never ending quest to attain all three. For our purposes, it is a term derived from an economic (Money), political (Power) and social (Respect) construct that acts as a starting point from which we can examine ourselves as both individuals and a society. It speaks to how we provide for ourselves, how we interact with one another, how we affect our own reality, and identifies that which we, as a community and as a generation, hold in high esteem. The 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention will celebrate, encourage and energize the national work of the Hip Hop community by:

1) Strengthening a state based, national coalition of hip hop organizations and leadership, via our National Assembly and the updating of the National Hip Hop Political Agenda

2) Providing training and organizational support for 1,200 Hip Hop leaders from across the country (Convention Delegates)

3) Hosting 10,000 youth and young adults interested in joining the community empowerment efforts of the Hip Hop Generation, via our concerts, workshops, town meetings and expo areas

4) Raising $150,000 for NHHPC staff and office space

5) Generate tourism dollars for the city of Chicago that is, both directly and indirectly, associated with the convention during its duration.

6) Registering over 50,000 young adults to vote before, during and after the convention.
Geographical Scope: National

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