Here in this Place: Anarchism and Christianity in our Context Conference

Starting Date: 08-04-2006
Ending Date: 08-05-2006

Illinois Disciples Foundation
610 E. Springfield Avenue
Champaign, Illinois
United States
Anarchists and Christians in America share the tension of living in a kind of limbo. We know that life can at the very least be different, and at best be radically transformed, yet we are also overwhelmed by life in a society steeped in the status quo. If you ever wonder whether it is possible to put your faith and ideas into practice in the belly of the Empire, the answer is, "Yes." Here in this Place: Anarchism and Christianity in our Context will show you examples of people doing just that.

This year’s two-day conference builds on last year's theme of anarchism and Christianity in word and deed, with sessions that provide concrete examples of radical living within the United States. With topics such as Living in Community 101, The Problem of Policing and In Our Backyards: Urban-Rural Environmental Sustainability, speakers will not only share their theological/ideological reasons for the work that they do, they will also share strategies for how they do that work. The aim of the event is to both give a glimpse of anarchism and Christianity in action and spark ideas on practices that may apply to the various situations we find ourselves in.

We welcome you to take a look at our new, exended sessions, learn more about jesus radicals and sign up to attend. We especially look forward to finding hope and learning together in this place.
Geographical Scope: National

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