Raising Change: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference

Starting Date: 08-04-2006
Ending Date: 08-05-2006

Berkeley, California
United States
Raising Change: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference will gather 350 people from grassroots, social justice organizations throughout the U.S. on August 4th and 5th, 2006 in Berkeley, California.

At this conference, you will have the opportunity to learn fundraising skills in a social justice context, and explore the politics of funding and the role of fundraising in movement-building. Some of the topics we will cover include:

Why social justice activists and organizers should care about how money is raised in their organizations;
How US tax policy affects the nonprofit sector, and particularly groups working on issues of social, economic, racial and environmental justice;
How social justice organizations can build both financial and political power through grassroots fundraising;
Practical workshops on a variety of individual donor fundraising strategies.

Conference Highlights:

• Debates and plenaries with luminaries and up-and-coming leaders in the social justice and philanthropy sectors that will challenge the ‘sacred cows’ of fundraising and provoke participants to think outside the box.

• Fundraising skills training geared towards these different audiences.

• Fundraising at the front and center of our discussions on movement-building, not as a separate component of our work.

• Interactive peer exchanges where participants can network and trade knowledge and lessons learned with other staff and volunteers of grassroots groups.

• Concrete, real-life examples and models of organization-building from the US and abroad that are working alternatives to foundation- and government-driven fundraising.

• Bringing together participants who fill various organizational roles, from board members to development staff to community organizers and leaders, to broaden the discussion of fundraising to include its impact on movement-building.

Who should attend?

Fundraisers, Organizers, Program Staff, Board Members, Activists, and Volunteers who are involved in nonprofit organizations, particularly those concerned about social change and social justice.

How much does it cost?

Cost ranges from $100 to $240 depending on when you register and if your organization is bringing more than one of its staff members. Please see the registration page for more information.

Geographical Scope: National

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