Chicago Hackmeeting

Starting Date: 10-13-2006
Starting Time: 9:00am
Ending Date: 10-15-2006

2159 W 21st PL (21st PL And Leavitt)
Chicago, Illinois 60608
United States
Calling all free-wheeling free-information free-reproductionistas!
Attention to the hackers who love the streets! For the activists that
just want to share resources! And for the militant media makers in
search of free and open access to knowledge and ideas!

Develop the first Annual Chicago Hackmeeting!

October 13 - 15 @
2159 W 21st PL (21st PL and Leavitt)
Chicago, IL USA 60608

This event will gather some of the regions most committed activist
programmers, free software lovers, socially engaged artists,
independent media makers and critical thinkers to brainstorm and
develop an agenda for the technological support of radical social
movements in the great lakes region.

Theme suggestions:
Intellectual Property Regimes, Creative Commons, Low Power Radio FM,
Internet Law for Activists, Public Space, Non Profit, Free Labor,
Electronic Security Culture, The Global Politics of the Digital

Collaborate and collectively develop the first Annual Chicago
Hackmeeting with us by proposing themes, presentations, workshops,
discussions, skill shares, swaps, etc...!


more info:

Get off the internet, I'll see you in the streets
Geographical Scope: State

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