War on Education/Militarization of Our Community- UC Student of Color Conference

Starting Date: 02-28-2003
Ending Date: 03-02-2003

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California
United States
Conference will focus on the repercussions the war on terrorism has for students and communities of color in the United States. These issues include budget cuts for education, military recruitment of student of color, rape as a tool of war, the militarization of US borders, the detainment of immigrants, and an increase in racialized hate crimes. The conference will also include other topics concerning the challenges faced by students of color in their pursuit of higher education, such as the Racial Privacy Initiative, campus environment for queer students, and outreach and retention. This conference will be an exciting opportunity for schools to unite and dialogue in workshops and caucuses in order to decide realistic actions that can be taken to create change and secure justice.
Geographical Scope:

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