Louisiana Winter

Starting Date: 01-14-2007
Starting Time: 3:00pm
Ending Date: 01-20-2007

New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
Responding to the Call: Students

If you are a student, and want to participate in Louisiana Winter, plan on being in the Gulf Coast region from January 14-20, 2007. Teams of 20-40 students will spend Monday through Friday in a different town throughout the Gulf Coast. Each student team will arrive in a town between 7 and 9 am; then, from 9 am-10:30 am, the local residents will tell their stories of the social suffering that has occurred and still is occurring. The students will then go from door to door and store to store between 10:30 am and 5 pm, handing out flyers and educating citizens about the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, and the need to pass immediate Congressional legislation to implement it.

Each night, there will be a town hall meeting from 7-9 pm. All of the citizens that the students have met with throughout the day will be invited in order to have a more in-depth conversation about the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, and to see what actions we can take together to implement it in Congress. In each town hall meeting, the residents will be invited to attend a mass rally on Saturday, January 20 in either New Orleans or Baton Rouge.

To register your participation, please go to the on-line registration form. After you complete the form, we will contact you with information about your student team and where you will need to be at 3 pm, on Sunday, January 14. If you have any questions, contact Seychelle Martinez at gulfcoastcivicworks@gmail.com.

Geographical Scope: National

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