Making Your Documentary Matter 2007

Starting Date: 01-31-2007
Ending Date: 02-01-2007

Washington, District Of Columbia 20001
United States
How are pros who make “media that matters” making a difference by using cellphones, Youtube, MySpace and good old F2F? How are environmental, political and social documentaries changing?

January 31-Feb. 1, 2007, Katzen Arts Center Recital Hall, American University

“Making Your Documentary Matter 2007” is the Center’s third annual conference for documentary filmmakers, non-profit communications directors, funders and students on the latest techniques to make documentary a powerful communications tool for social change.

Join filmmakers, outreach specialists and foundation representatives for a series of panel discussions on the latest in documentary outreach, including keynote speaker Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films and director of Iraq for Sale

Space is limited!

Registration is required and there is $50 entry fee. Please RSVP on our website.
Mail registration checks to:
Center for Social Media
3201 New Mexico Ave. NW, Suite 395
Washington, DC 20016

More information coming soon!


The conference panels and lunch discussion groups will include case studies and strategies on public engagement, collaborating with nonprofits, new technologies and distribution opportunities. Topics will include:

* Call Me: Mobile Media for Public Life
How are nonprofits, activists and creators using the new opportunities of the tiny portable screen on our cellphones? What are the hurdles, what are the opportunities?
* Nonprofit Media Does Youtube
How are nonprofits exploring the online environment with their videos? The latest strategies for combining social networking with media production, and the latest research on how it works.
* Participatory media
What happens when the audience turns into a co- producer of your story? From the war front to the home front, producers describe the process of turning viewers into partners.
* Longform documentaries bridging differences
What used to be just virtual space has become a powerful tool for making media that matters. What is the latest thinking on the best approaches to audience engagement?

More information is coming soon!
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