Global Justice Conference: Ntl. Youth & Student Conf. on AIDS, Trade & Child Sur

Starting Date: 02-02-2007
Starting Time: 5:00pm
Ending Date: 02-05-2007

George Washington Univerisity
Washington, District Of Columbia 20036
United States
Student Global AIDS Campaign, Student Campaign for Child Survival, and Student Trade Justice Campaign present the...
Global Justice National Conference
Student & Youth Conference on AIDS, Trade, and Child Survival
Feb 2-4, Washington, DC
(lobby day Feb 5)
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Keynote Addresses by…

Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa
Emira Woods, Foreign Policy in Focus

Some of the many confirmed speakers...

Lori Wallach, Director, Global Trade Watch
Nicole Lee, Executive Director, TransAfrica Forum
Debayani Kar, Policy Coordinator, Jubilee USA
Aditi Sen, Africa Bureau, USAID
Dr. Paul Zeitz, Executive Director, Global AIDS Alliance
Dr. Alan Greenberg, Professor & Chair, Department of Epidemiology, George Washington University
Nii Akuetteh, Africa Action

Pannels & Workshops on AIDS, Trade & Child Health including...
Who's Got the Power?: Access to Medicines, Land, and Food * Is Globalization Good for Africa? * The Science of AIDS * Big Pharma & Access to AIDS Drugs * Malaria: Biggest Killer of Children in Africa * The Right to Grow Food: Trade & Agriculture * Gender & Global Health * What IS Sustainable Development? * and more...

Skill-based sessions including...
writing a press release * organizing on campus * planning a protest * raising money * building North-South partnerships * and much more...

Geographical Scope: National

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