The Climate Crisis Action Day: Cool the Planet, Save the Arctic

Starting Date: 03-20-2007
Starting Time: 11:00am

West Lawn
Washington, District Of Columbia
United States
Join Us on March 20, 2007
in Washington, D.C.
Meet your Congressional Representative and rally with us to fight global warming!

The time has finally come to end federal inaction on global warming. On Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, Americans will stand together and march on Capitol Hill to rally and lobby for action to address the Climate Crisis. We invite you to join us to turn the tide in favor of enacting global warming solutions and restoring America’s global leadership.

Global Climate Change will affect everyone and everything on the globe, from rising sea levels to significant habitat shifts for animal and plant life. Humans can stop accelerating climate change by reducing fossil fuel use, like oil and coal.

Human contributions to greenhouse gases not only adversely impact the Northeast’s sugar maples and shorelines, but also impact the Arctic, at an even faster rate. The habitat for polar bears, millions of migratory birds, and sustainable indigenous cultures are at risk. The remaining Arctic wilderness must be preserved and protected for current and future generations.

You can make a difference! Come to our Nation’s Capitol on March 20th for the Climate Crisis Day of Action and speak with your federal representatives about confronting the climate crisis and permanently protecting the Arctic.

Buses leaving from all over the region. Contact us for more information.

Join us on March 20th to KEEP THE ARCTIC ON ICE!

Contact CCE to find out more information on how to get involved and join thousands of American citizens to tell our federal government to Cool the Planet, Save the Arctic!

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Learn more about the campaign to protect Alaska Wilderness and confront Climate Crisis at:
Geographical Scope: National
Day of Action

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