Activist Summer Study Abroad in Mexico

Starting Date: 06-17-2007

Mexico Solidarity Network
3460 W. Lawrence
Chicago, Illinois 60625
United States
Mexico Solidarity Network
2007 Study Abroad Programs

Summer 2007
8 credit, 6 week programs designed for individuals interested in activism and grassroots work to explore social justice issues in Mexico.

Zapatistas and the Other Campaign June 2-July 4
Spend four weeks studying at Centro de Español y Lenguas Mayas Rebelde Autonomo Zapatista and two weeks at Universidad de la Tierra to learn about the Zapatista movement, one of the most dynamic and innovative social movements in Latin America, and the Other Campaign, a national effort initiated by the Zapatistas to build a peoples’ movement “from the left and from below” that challenges traditional Mexican politics and institutions.

Migration- Dynamics and Debates June 17-July28
Toluca de Guadalupe- Tlaxcala, Ciudad Juarez, Washington, DC
Learn about the dynamics of undocumented migration and the debates around US immigration reform. Participants will trace the migrant path in Mexico from traditional sending regions to the border, the destination and jumping off point for undocumented migration to the US. Once in the US, students will visit the center of the debate on immigration reform in Washington, DC.

Fall 2007
16 credits, 14 week program focused on the context, strategy and tactics of Mexican Social Movements.

Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez

This course is designed to introduce students to Mexico’s rich and diverse economic, political and social context, with special emphasis on grassroots and community-based initiatives, understand the depth and scope of US-Mexico relations, develop strong Spanish language skills, improve grassroots organizing skills and develop strong intercultural skills based on a solid understanding of race, class and gender dynamics.

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