Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering

Starting Date: 04-14-2007
Ending Date: 04-15-2007

Toledo, Ohio 43601
United States
The 2007 Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering is moving full steam ahead and is well on its way to becoming a great opportunity for Midwest anarchists to come together and for a more tightly knit community while exchanging knowledge and ideas, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Our list of guests thus far includes John Zerzan (Green Anarchy, Running on Emptiness), Kevin Tucker (Species Traitor), Fifth Estate magazine, and Chicago Anarchist Black Cross, in addition to numerous individuals and collectives that have committed to participating in various ways.

Workshop and presentation slots are still available, but are filling quickly, and so far involve topics including prisoner support, hand-to-hand combat, community gardening, and some special surprises, along with presentations from John Zerzan, Kevin Tucker, and Fifth Estate magazine.

Additionally, a ten day survival camping excursion will take place immediately following the gathering for those interested. All are welcome, and help providing transportation is appreciated.

Anyone interested in contributing or participating in the gathering in any way should contact us at, or contact the October Fifteenth Anarchist Collective at
Geographical Scope: Regional


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