Swords into Plowshares: Anarchism, Christianity and Principles of Peace

Starting Date: 08-10-2007
Starting Time: 12:00pm
Ending Date: 08-11-2007

Loras College
1450 Alta Vista
Dubuque, Iowa
United States
Peace is more than the absence of war. It is more than temporarily restraining physical abuse and ending only human oppression. In this fifth annual conference, we will explore our struggle for peace in all of its forms from anarchist and Christian perspectives.

Together, we will explore different facets of peacemaking — peace with creation, our neighbors and our enemies. In addition to sessions such as Practical Ecology, Contemporary Anarchisms and The Problem with Prisons, we will also have opportunities for open discussion and skill-sharing.

Get detailed session and housing info, and register to attend at http://conference.jesusradicals.com/
Geographical Scope: National

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