Latin America Solidarity Coalition 4th Annual Conference: Alternatives to Empire

Starting Date: 04-13-2007
Ending Date: 04-15-2007

Chicago, Illinois
United States
The 4th national Latin America Solidarity Coalition conference (LASC IV) will take place next spring in Chicago. US grassroots solidarity activists will be joined by activists and organizers from Latin America and the Caribbean to plan, evaluate and celebrate the growing US Latin America solidarity movement.

The Americas have a strong legacy of resistance. From the Mapuche struggle for land and autonomy against the conquistadors to the successful fight to force U.S.-owned Occidental Petroleum out of Ecuador earlier this year; from Simon Bolivar's struggle for freedom from Spain and slavery to the Cuban, Sandinista, and modern day Bolivarian Revolutions -- no decade has passed without seeing people coming together to fight subjugation. Millions of Latin Americans, dispossessed by Neoliberal Capitalism, imperialist looting, militarization and repression are defying the racist system of violence and domination with increasing frequency and effectiveness. Popular movements are gaining influence throughout the hemisphere.

Participants in the Latin America Solidarity Coalition conference will exchange information on the state of the campaigns against military, political, and economic U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean and develop action plans. Art and culture, which is an integral part of grassroots movement building throughout the Americas, will be a strong component of the conference.

LASC IV will be a space for reflection and discussion about vision, strategy and tactics, with workshops featuring activists with decades of experience addressing some of the most pressing issues on the left. Where do we want to go and how do we plan to get there? What does it mean to be anti-capitalist in terms of our daily practice? How do we implement strategies that challenge current power structures without falling into the reformist trap? How do we build multi-cultural, multi-ethnic movements?

The Conference will also take place the same weekend as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) are organizing a huge protest targeting the McDonalds Corporation. For more information visit
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