Energy Justice Summer - Ohio

Starting Date: 06-01-2007
Ending Date: 07-31-2007

Racine, Ohio 45771
United States
WHAT: Energy Justice Summer Ohio is a program designed for youth, students, and community members, which will focus on training, community organizing, and service in a community heavily impacted by dirty energy. Spend your summer in rural Appalachian Ohio with the Meigs Community Action Network, learning the skills you need to become an effective activist, contributing to a community group that's asking for help, and having a good time helping fix up a farm and meeting new people.

WHY: Because Meigs County, Ohio is currently facing the highest concentration of coal-fired power plants in the nation. Within a 15 mile radius of the farm we will be staying at there are 4 existing coal-fired power plants, and active proposals for 5 more coal plants, 2 coal slurry impoundments, a coal-mining operation, and a power line project, as well as possible proposals for a petroleum coke plant and an ethanol biorefinery. Nearly all these projects are upwind, upstream, and/or directly in the community.

Also, because we can make a difference, have fun, and grow as people, as allies, and as activists.
Geographical Scope: National

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