Port Huron Project 2: The Problem is Civil Obedience

Starting Date: 07-14-2007
Starting Time: 5:00pm

Northwest Corner Of The Boston Common
Near The Intersection Of Charles And Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Port Huron Project 2: “The Problem is Civil Obedience” is a reenactment of a speech originally delivered at a 1971 anti-war rally on Boston Common by Howard Zinn, the well-known author & activist. Zinn argues for the necessity of civil disobedience to protest the war in Vietnam and calls on Congress to impeach the President and Vice President of the United States for the “high crime” of waging war on the people of Southeast Asia. In Zinn’s words, “Those who have the power decide the meaning of the words that we use. And so we're taught that if one person kills another person, that is murder, but if a government kills a hundred thousand persons, that is patriotism.”

This event is part of the Port Huron Project, a series of reenactments of protest speeches from the New Left movements of the 1960s and '70s. Each performance takes place at the site of the original speech and is delivered to an audience of invited guests and passers-by.
The Port Huron Project is organized by artist Mark Tribe.

Note: The event will take place on the Northwest corner of the Boston Common, near the intersection of Charles and Beacon streets.

Free and suitable for all ages.
Attendees are welcome to brings guests.
Geographical Scope: Metro

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