Power Shift 2007

Starting Date: 11-02-2007
Ending Date: 11-05-2007

University Of Maryland
College Park, District Of Columbia 20742
United States
On November 2, 2007, three thousand young people from across the country will unite in College Park, MD to fight global warming.

With just one year left until the 2008 Presidential election, Power Shift '07 will be the launching point for the youth climate movement to take center stage. Our future is at stake. The top climate scientists warn that we have less than a decade to jump start a major effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% below 1990 levels by 2050 in order to avoid the most devastating effects of global warming. It's imperative that the next president of the United States has a comprehensive plan to tackle climate change.

With youth voter turnout on the rise, we have the opportunity to affect the platforms of the presidential candidates and ensure they will take firm action to prevent our climate from reaching a tipping point.

Young people from across the country will be meeting with their representatives to guarantee their support and we will influence Congress to pass a scientifically based plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions. We will continue to strengthen and diversify the grassroots climate movement to ensure that change takes place on both a national and local level, and that all voices are heard as we craft policies and make decisions that will shape the future. From coast to coast, young people will gather to demand action from our political leaders and building and strengthening the youth climate movement in our communities and on our college campuses.
Geographical Scope: National

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