National Lawyers Guild National Convention -- 70 Years of Law for the People!

Starting Date: 10-30-2007
Ending Date: 11-04-2007

Holiday Inn On The Hill
415 New Jersey Avenue, Nw
Washington, District of Columbia 20001
United States
The history of the National Lawyers Guild began in Washington, D.C., the site of this year’s 70th Anniversary Convention. The founding convention took place in the District at the height of the New Deal in 1937. Activist, progressive lawyers, tired of butting heads with the reactionary white male lawyers then comprising the American Bar Association, formed the nucleus of the Guild. Today, 70 hard-fought years later, the tradition, the struggle, continues...

Student Caucus on Saturday and Party on Friday! Meet and organize with radical, social justice-minded law students -- and lawyers and legal workers, too -- from around the country.

Major Panels:
The War On Drugs, the War on Gangs, the War on Communities of Color * A Tale of Two Cities: the Intersection of Race and Class Oppression in the District of Columbia * Got to Have Habeas: Challenging Guantánamo and the Military Commissions Act * America’s Oldest Colony: The D.C. Struggle for Statehood * The Intersection of Sexism and Militarism * Global Warming and Public Health

* How Do We Correct Reproductive Wrongs? * Binational Labor Justice Strategies * Stop Snitching! * Ending the Occupation of Iraq * Darfur: Understanding Genocide * Using Mass Defense Litigation to Push Back the Security State * A Media Training * Queering the National Lawyers Guild * Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions * Cuba: What Next * From Emails to Arson: The New “Domestic Terrorism” * Veterans Benefits * Disability Rights from the Grassroots * Immigration Raids and Responses * Gangs and Immigration from Hazleton, PA to San Francisco, CA * Protecting Indigenous Right to Land * Challenging Immigration Prison Conditions * The Continuing Lessons From the RNC * Legal Workers, etc. in Mass Defense Work * Antiwar organizing: Vietnam and Iraq * Implementing the Palestinians' Right of Return * Constitutional Reform in Latin America * Using International Law in North Carolina Experience * Gangs and Immigration * Toward a New Student Insurgency
Geographical Scope: National

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