National Collegiate Peace Week

Starting Date: 11-12-2007
Ending Date: 11-16-2007

190 Prospect Ave
Elmhurst, Illinois
United States
Peace goes beyond the lack of war. Peace is a system and a culture that needs to be accepted by the people. If there are environmental, political, educational, social, multicultural, religious or economic disputes or injustices in the world, then there cannot be peace.

At Elmhurst College, the Coalition for Multicultural Empowerment will be organizing events showing the relation between peace and justice. But too often events are characterized by too few people and resources and too little impact. So we would like your help.

If colleges and universities across the country take part in a National Collegiate Peace Week that is marked not only by campus events but also things such as letter writing campaigns to Congress and a certain degree of press coverage, people would see that this is something college students care about. Maybe, just maybe, it would even be noticed by our future president.

It is our goal that Peace Week reaches at least 100 colleges or universities throughout the country. Each school that participates would not have to do a lot—even holding one or two peace- and justice-related events during the week of November 12-16 would help support the effort. We just ask that you let us know by October 1st that you are interested and, later, what you plan to do. This way, we will be able to keep track of everything going on around the country to use for press.
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