CAN West Regional Conference

Starting Date: 04-25-2003
Ending Date: 04-27-2003

Chico, California
United States
If ?you?, like many others; are upset with the current world crisis, wish to empower yourself, and feel you have no voice. This is the answer.

WHO? The Progressive Student Union (Chico State University) in cooperation with Campus Antiwar Network, are organizing a conference in Chico. This conference will train, educate, and give direction to all participants for the future of activism on the west coast. All campus organizations large and small in colleges and high schools are welcome.

WHAT? C.A.N. or campus antiwar network is a national organization founded in Chicago. It is a network of student antiwar groups formed to direct action in response to the crisis of WAR, and the all issues surrounding this. Planning a massive movement in solidarity with every campus antiwar group across the nation and some international is the greatest path toward action, and change. Our goal is to create sustainable world peace and stability.

WHEN? April 25th ? April 27th 2003

WHERE? At Chico State University, Chico California. Chico is approximately two hours drive north of Sacramento on Interstate Highway 5. Those flying can take the train from the Sacramento Airport.

WHY? To form a newer stronger network, train, educate and coordinate for the future of activism on the west coast. To vote on proposals for regional days of action, vote on points of unity. You will also, attend forums on various current political topics, form working groups, and train in various forms of effective non-violent activism.

HOW? Each organization no matter how small or large should pick two articulate intelligent leaders to become voting delegates who will represent their organization. The delegates must sign-up to let us know who and how many people and cars are coming. Also, delegates, in coordination with your organization, must present any proposals for days of action, points of unity, or endorsements in advance. Sign-up and proposals can be e-mailed to
. E-mail the number of people and cars to
. More information will be sent to you once you sign-up. Leave all important e-mail addresses. Join the CanWestConference group at http// Join yahoogroups, and then search CanWestConference. Once you have found the group, sign up. It is a list serve made to quickly answer any questions or inquires you post on the list serve. You will want to be on this, because we will be posting updates and info regularly. Change comes only from action!
Proposed agenda below.

Agenda For the C.A.N. West Coast Regional Conference Spring 2003
? This schedule is subject to change & there is more to come. You will be updated soon. Sign up now!
? Check us out at or
? Register your schools at

? Sign up for housing at

? Questions about speakers, workshops, or facilities

Anyone is invited to attend the conference, but only two delegates per school can vote in committee. All schools are encouraged to attend whether it is high school, community college, or university. Unite for Peace.
Hosted by the Progressive Student Union at California State University Chico

Friday ? check in social at the Palms. 7pm
Meet housing hosts, and conference organizers.

Saturday- Registration 8- 9:00 check in at Tahoe Conference Room in front of Craig Hall
Distribution of conference material, breakfast

Opening Session
Keynote Address 9:00-10:15am
Dr. Beau Grosscup- professor at Chico State- U.S. foreign policy +terrorism specialist

Laura C. Wells Educator, and activist from Voices in the Wilderness

Conference Organizers Rhonda Pearson, Travis Elder, and Katrina Yeaw etc?

Intro to proposals and agenda 10:15- 11:30

Breakout Sessions 11:30-12:45 B.M.U.
*Cover proposals and plans of action

Lunch 12:45-1:45
(Lunch will be provided at B.M.U.)

Peace Vigil- 12:30- 1:30
The vigil will take place at the corner of 3rd and Main- a tradition every Sat. that has taken place for the last 35 years.

2:00- 3:15 ? Educational/ Strategy Workshops
1.Politics of Terrorism ?
* Dr. Beau Grosscup- author, professor whose specialty is foreign policy and terrorism
How the mainstream western world has influenced others to view terrorism. How U.S. foreign policy has affected terrorism. Room 210 BMU

2.Iraq: a look at Iraq after 12 years of sanctions and what they face now.
*Paul O?Rourke Babb ? Room 312 BMU ? A visit to the hospital
Paul, a nurse practitioner, has been to Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness and has a story to tell of the people who have lived over a decade in warfare, and poverty.

3.A forum on the Patriot Act- room 314
*Ann Fagan Ginger
*Professor David Marcus & Chris Fosen

4.Iraq ? Leah C. Wells from Voices in the Wilderness- A campaign to end economic sanctions against the people of Iraq. Room- BMU first floor

Leah C. Wells is an activist that has visited Iraq three times and has just returned from her latest trip. She will do a slide show with recent pictures and will also talk about her experience with non-violent direct action.

5. Sustainability Forum- how can we be the change we wish to see in the world? How can we become less dependent off of corporations? Learn how to boycott oil by making your own fuel at home for .35 a gallon. Learn about the benefits of being vegetarian/veganism. Get recipes, solutions, and alternatives. Solar, Hemp, Organic Action, and also learn how the Patriot Act affects all activists.
Devin O?Keane ? Biodiesel
Harjit Gill - Veganism
Rhonda Pearson ?Learn how to vote with your dollar. Consciences Consumerism.

5. Forum on Consciences Objection? ? Room 204

6. Films- The War on Ignorance ? a student documentary with clips from students, as well as people from Iraq. Chico State students were asked, ?Can you tell me who the leader of Iraq is?? Some student answered Osama Bin Laden. The first casualty of war is truth. This film will make you laugh and cry.

3:15- 4:45- Presentation and Discussion of Proposals
Tahoe Conference room at Craig Hall

Evening Keynote Speakers 4:45-6:30
Richard Becker- A.N.S.W.E.R.
Kevin Donaher- Global Exchange

Benefit Party- at The Palms 7-1am ? Indoor Outdoor Solar stage
Music, Poets, Speakers, Performers

Registration 9:00-9:30 (optional)
9:30 ? 11:30- Presentation of Proposals, Discussion and Votes
11:30-12:00 ? Lunch will be provided on site
12:00-2:00 Non ?Violence Training-
Berkley Direct Action group
Chico Direct Action Team
Stop the War direct action from San Francisco
Voices in the Wilderness- non violence across borders

2:00- 4:00 Votes

4:00-4:20 ? Working groups for passed proposals

Optional direct action (if we get our voting done)

What is a proposal?
A proposal is a call for a day of action, a protest, or a civil disobedience. It could also be and endorsement or any ideas that would support the growth or message of our peace movement.

How do I make one?
Write it down get it approved by your campus antiwar group and send it to

We have room for as many wish to attend, so please come and help us save lives. Housing at

Our points of Unity and info for our organization can be found at

Further questions?
Geographical Scope:

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