Lorax Conference, UMBC

Starting Date: 05-03-2003
Ending Date: 05-04-2003

Baltimore, Maryland
United States
I am writing to inform you about the Lorax Conference being hosted at UMBC the weekend of May 3rd and 4th. The Conference will be on both environmental and social issues of our times, and a stream clean-up action event. In addition to that the campus's Ecofest! will be going on all day Saturday. The Conference's planners have coordinated with the Ecofest celebration so that the conference goers may take part in the Ecofest activities that will include
bands, speakers, games, and free giveaways. The Conference will begin at 10am on Saturday (breakfast will be at 9), although 9:30 is encouraged for registration. I have included the workshop topics and schedule, however the workshop topics are not limited to that, more are currently being added. I encourage everyone to sign up today, the registration fee is only $10 ($5 for UMBC students), and there will be group rates for groups attending with over 5 people! For anyone who is interested in additional information or housing please email kc3@umbc.edu
. Please forward this to anyone who would be interested!

Thanks ~Kristen Cevoli~

Workshop Topics
(1) Environmental Conservation History
(2) Environmental Rollbacks
(3) Environmental Leaders
(4) Making Trade Fair
(5) Hunger and Homelessness Issues
(6) Keys to Campaign Success
(7) Powermapping
(8) Working with School Governments ad Administrations
(9) Running Effective meetings
(10) Your Rights to Protest?Effectively
(11) Clean Energy Resources of the World
(12) Understanding the Kyoto Protocol
(13) The World Bank
(14) ?Evil? Corporate Axis
(15) America?s Environment at Risk
(16) Environmental Law

Speaker Topics
(1) Importance of the Environmental Movement in this decade
(2) Little Things that Make a Difference
(3) ???

Breakfast: 9am-10am
Opening Address: 10am
Workshop Set #1: 11am-12:30
Lunch: 12:30-2pm
Eco-fest Speaker: 2pm
Workshop Set #2: 3-4:15/30
Workshop Set #3: 4:30-6pm
Dinner 6pm (at Ecofest)

Breakfast: 9am-10am
Open Forum 10-11:30am
Speaker 11:30
Clean Up 12-2:00/30pm
Geographical Scope:

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