Fourth National Grassroots Organizing Conference on Iraq

Starting Date: 05-01-2003
Ending Date: 05-04-2003

College Park, Maryland
United States
Is your grassroots peace organization wondering what to do next?

The US invasion of Iraq is almost over, and now many questions arise. What?s the humanitarian situation in Iraq after 12 years of sanctions and another war? What should be on the agenda for the peace movement with regard to Iraq? Is the US planning to invade Iran or Syria next? How can the peace movement build upon the extraordinary grassroots mobilization that came together to oppose the invasion?

Come to Maryland in May to seek answers to these questions and more. Hear from trainers, experts and observers back from Iraq. Meet other grassroots peace activists to share ideas and work out a common strategy for the coming year. This will be the first opportunity since the invasion for so many activists and organizations to come together, set new objectives, and build the foundations for the next phase of our struggle.

Join us for:

the Fourth National Grassroots Organizing Conference on Iraq
Iraq Invaded ? Implications and Strategies for the Peace Movement

May 1-4, 2003: University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Sponsored by the National Network to End the War Against Iraq
Hosted by Peace Forum, a student group of the University of Maryland

There will be THREE COMPONENTS to this conference*: May 1st & 2nd: Workshops and Seminars; May 3rd & 4th: Grassroots activists meeting to plan effective actions for the coming year; and a protest action. Students are welcome! We will have student planning sessions and a Student Teach-In is in the works as part of the Thrs/Fri Worskhops!

Register early! On line registration is now available, from the conference home page:, click on ?Register On Line?. Whether you can or cannot attend, you may submit proposals for the conference on line, just click on the ?Submit a Proposal? link and fill out the form.

Here is a list of the speakers we have so far who will be speaking on Thursday or Friday, May 1-2:

Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches
Thomas Nagy, GWU Professor ? topic: Self-Implicating DoD Documents
Samih Farsoun, American Univ ? topic: Palestine and Iraq
Mike Amate, Washington Kurdish Institute ? topic: the Kurdish perspective in Iraq
Sam Husseini, Institute for Public Accuracy ? topic: America as Empire
Chris Toensing, MERIP ? topic: Overview of the Invasion
Nancy Lessing, Military Families Speak Out
Voices in the Wilderness, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, and Black Voices for Peace all plan to send representatives to speak.
Erik Gustafson of EPIC, Patrick McCann of VVAW, and Charles Sheehan-Miles of Veterans for Common Sense are all willing to speak on Vets? issues. Erik will also talk about Congress and the pressing for the US to make and keep commitments regarding humanitarian aid, reconstruction and democratization.
Paul George, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, topic: ?Orwell was an Optimist?
Simin Royanian, Iranian activists ? topic: Is Iran Next? / Women in the Middle East
Anita Daunch, National Priorities Project ? workshop: ?the economics of war?
Jessica Bell Markham, ? workshop: ?How to organize local Initiatives?
John Judge, Washington Peace Center ? workshop: ?Resisting Military Recruiting in High Schools?

Many more speakers have been invited!

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