Nuclear Weapons: Science and Policy Seminar

Starting Date: 07-13-2003
Ending Date: 07-17-2003

Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Nuclear Weapons: Science and Policy

2003 Student Pugwash USA Educational Seminar
July 13-17, 2003
American University
Washington, DC

Application deadline: June 6, 2003*

Would you like to-
learn more about nuclear weapons?
find out the views of policy makers?
talk with the leading professionals in
the field?

Are you concerned about the future role of nuclear

Join students from around the country for an
introduction to the historical and future implications
of nuclear weapons by prominent experts in the field.
This year's Educational Seminar on nuclear weapons will
provide high school and lower-level undergraduate
students a unique opportunity to examine, in-depth, the
implications of this cutting-edge issue.

Lectures, Panels, and Group Discussion Topics:

* History and Science of Nuclear Weapons
* Nuclear Weapons and Security
* Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in Developing
* Nuclear Weapons and Political Power in the UN
* The US Nuclear Policy

Keynote Speaker: Sir Joseph Rotblat, 1995 Nobel Peace
laureate and co-founder of the Pugwash Conferences on
Science and World Affairs, will speak on post-Hiroshima
campaigns by scientists to prevent the future use of
nuclear weapons.

Visit for a
tentative agenda and more details.

Application deadline: June 6, 2003*

Student Pugwash USA will provide FREE housing and
meals. Participants must secure travel funding on their
own. A $40 application fee is due by June 13, 2003.

*Depending on space, late applicants may also be
considered. Call 1-800-WOW-A-PUG for details.

For more information, visit or contact the
national office at 202-429-8900 or
Geographical Scope:

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