The People's Primary

Starting Date: 01-16-2004
Ending Date: 01-19-2004

New England College
Henniker, New Hampshire 03242
United States
Resisting Empire and Reclaiming the Future!

Goals of the People's Primary:

1. Build skills to act effectively for peace and justice.
2. Raise awareness about issues of peace and justice. Provide training and support for activists doing nonviolent action at presidential campaign events leading up to the NH Primary on January 27.
3. Strengthen activist networks in the Northeast. Build towards nonviolent action for peace, global justice, and democracy on March 20 and at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.


YES to Democracy!

We demand a hand in shaping the decisions that affect our lives. We are building community and grassroots movements to reclaim democracy. We want a global economy and a US foreign policy that is not unilateralist or based on military conquest. We do not want corporate agendas controlling the political debate and the media. We are concerned with fossil fuel addiction and the resulting wars and environmental harm. We see the need for grassroots action IN ADDITION to voting. We are telling America to take a u-turn for peace, justice, and an ecologically sustainable future.

NO to Empire!

We stand united for peace and global justice, and united against imperialism as exemplified by the Bush Administration's wars. We stand against racism, the occupation of Iraq, and the war on civil liberties at home. We are concerned with corporate control of the food industry, water, healthcare and education, all reinforced by anti-democratic trade agreements like the Free Trade Area of the Americas and US-Central American Free Trade Agreement.

MOBILIZE for the Future!

We are mobilizing in New Hampshire, Boston, New York, and all across the country to reclaim democracy in 2004. People from all walks of life - youth, farmers, trade unionists, peacemakers, professionals, seniors - are casting their votes AND going beyond voting by building community and organizing to reclaim freedom and democracy.

Workshops & Events

New England College, Henniker NH


Friday 1/16

4pm: Building the Student Movement - Organizer Training and Networking Meeting

Saturday 1/17

12-2 pm: The Presidential Debate and Us - How do we get candidates to address our concerns?

2:30-6 pm: Nonviolence Training.

7 pm: Film Screening.

Posters and puppet making throughout the day

Sunday 1/18

10 am: Speakers and Discussions on civil liberties, agriculture, peace, economic justice, and more.

1:30-6 pm: Organizing for a Year of Action March 20, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, town resolution campaigns on genetically modified food...

7-9pm: Dance for Democracy!

Statehouse, Concord NH

Monday 1/19 - MLK Day

11am: Demonstration for Peace and Justice and to announce our plans to organize beyond voting in 2004.

**********************************************************************MLK Events around New Hampshire

St. George Cathedral Community Center

(St. George Cathedral Community Center information)
MLK Day Community Celebration
2pm: Potluck Meal
3pm: Speakers and Music
Sponsored by Martin Luther King Coalition.

Stay in NH! Turn up the heat for peace and global justice until the NH Primary Election on Tuesday Jan. 27.

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