EnviroCitizen Bird-Dogs the Pres Candidates: Clean Energy and Climate Justice

Starting Date: 01-23-2004
Ending Date: 01-27-2004

New Hampshire
United States
Road Trip with EnviroCitizen: Bird-dog the presidential candidates!

Give politicians a piece of your mind. This January, join EnviroCitizen to travel to New Hampshire and move clean energy and climate justice forward on the national agenda! In the days before the New Hampshire primary, follow the candidates for president, go to their events, ask them questions, and join us to get some serious media attention around clean energy and climate justice issues. New Hampshire will be the focal point of the country this January -- let’s use this opportunity to pressure politicians to commit to prioritizing these issues, and let’s start to see some change!
Find out more and sign up online at: http://www.envirocitizen.org/bird-dogging/index.html

WHEN: January 23rd-27th
WHERE: New Hampshire -- Wherever the candidates are! -- We have Hotel rooms for you to stay at right near Concord. Yes- free housing!

WHY: Move clean energy and climate justice issues forward on the national agenda and make some serious change.…and have a goooood time!

HOW: Sign up online at: http://www.envirocitizen.org/bird-dogging/index.html
We will have transportation for you leaving from the Boston area. We may be able to swing by other locations on the way up. If you are coming from somewhere else we will help you arrange carpools. So please let us know what your transportation needs are so we can plan!

GET YOUR GROUP INVOLVED! The more people, the more fun, and the larger the impact. Get your whole group to come along. Contact me (Laura) to come to your campus and give your group the scoop in person. Make it a training tour stop and have me train on media, messaging, and bird dogging!

Questions or ideas?
Want to volunteer??
Just contact Laura at laura@envirocitizen.org
or 617-427-3598
Sign up online at: http://www.envirocitizen.org/bird-dogging/index.html

laura inkeles
northeast organizer

Geographical Scope: Regional
Day of Action

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