DART Organizers Institute

Starting Date: 06-14-2004
Ending Date: 09-30-2004

PO Box 370791
Miami, Florida 33137
United States
The DART Organizers Institute is a paid, four-month, field school for those seeking to launch a career in community organizing. Selected Organizer Trainees (OTs) will be paid to receive first-rate instruction from seasoned organizers, and will be given the opportunity to work directly with local grassroots organizations on a multiple set of racial and economic justice issues like police misconduct, education reform, environmental justice, affordable housing,and others. OTs will learn skills related to: Identifying and training community leaders, Strategic planning and issue cutting, Researching and targeting decision makers, One-on-One relationship building, Congregation-based coalition building, Developing and training leaders to take successful Direct Action on issues of local concern, Fund Raising for the long-haul, and others. Upon completion from the DART Organizers Institute, DART will work with graduates to secure permanent fulltime community organizing positions working for social change.

We will be accepting applications to participate in the DART Oraganizers Institute throughout the spring. To apply, please contact Ben MacConnell: (785) 841-2680 or ben@thedartcenter.org
Geographical Scope: National

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