Midwest Asian American Students Union 2004 Spring Conference

Starting Date: 04-01-2004
Ending Date: 04-03-2004

Madison, Wisconsin 53706
United States
The Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU) 2004 Spring Conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on April 1st - 3rd. MAASU was created by students in 1990 as a support network to provide resources and unite the scattered populations of Asian Pacific Islanders American (APIAs) across the Midwest. In the past thirteen years, MAASU has grown to include many member schools and is continually developing new contacts. By exploring progressive issues, such as APIA studies programs, organizational development, and APIA cultural centers, MAASU has become one of the primary advocacy resources for APIA students in the region..

The goal of the MAASU Spring Conference is promote leadership, assist and encourage social change, unite all communities against all forms of oppression, and address the educational needs among APIA students. Past MAASU Spring Conference boasts an average attendance between 500-700 students from various colleges across the Midwest and is one of the oldest Pan-Asian conferences in the nation. This year's MAASU Spring Conferences is a FREE event (for students attending MAASU member schools) and paid for by the Asian Pacific American Council (APAC) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The theme of this year's Spring Conference is "Creative Destruction." Creative Destruction was originally coined in Joseph Schumpeter's 1942 work, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy to explain a "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one." Although Schumpeter's idea of creative was meant to describe and revolutionize economic, the idea of Creative Destruction for the 2003 MAASU Spring Conference is to create a forum for APIA to speak on social injustices and inequalities and to help encourage the fostering of activism.

The MAASU Spring Conference workshops seek to go beyond APIA 101 issues. Following under the theme Creative Destruction, the workshop sessions are designed to develop a new generation of APIA activists. The workshop sessions will help participants understand identity issues, engage in the history of APIA culture and movements, explore contemporary issues, and finally find new ways to work towards social change. Each of the workshop sessions will focus on Pan-Asian coalition building, identity, history, contemporary issues, expression, and activism. We strongly encourage your participation in this exciting conference.


MAASU Committee Core
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Geographical Scope: Regional

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