A Democracy this is not

Starting Date: 02-26-2004

University Of Southern California Campus
Bovard Auditorium
Los Angeles, California 90007
United States
The Democratic Presidential Debate is coming to USC on Thursday Feb. 26th.

But only 50 pre-selected students are being allowed in the 'democratic' debate
and none of them will be allowed to ask questions. How is this democracy? How
is this honoring the ideals of academia?
USC hasn't been known to honor the ideals of a liberal academic setting,
recently becoming the host to the new Homeland security center of excellence,
while renewing million dollar contracts with the army to maintian the
institute of creative technology (a center devoted to creating new weapons
protocol, military training games that later become violent video games, and
hollywood [propoganda] films). Why would the democratic debate choose to come
to this campus?
CNN is hosting California's debate this year. The question of Media Reform is
a pressing issue in today's modern society, yet only Kucinich has mentioned
it, oddly enough, I can't remeber the last time I saw Kucinich on CNN. How can
this be considered a free/fair election when the entire election process is
filtered through a conservative corporate lens?
There are many question that are not being answered, there are many people who
aren't daring to ask them.
We are here to question. We are here to demand that democracy continue through
an open dialougue, a dialougue that we are being refused.
Bring your questions and come to USC's Bovard Auditorium on Thursday at 5:30
to excersize your democratic right to question.
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