Boston Strategic Action Training

Starting Date: 03-26-2004
Ending Date: 03-28-2004

Boston, Massachusetts 02111
United States
Cosponsored by: Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN), Student Environmental
Action Coalition (SEAC), and Envirocitizen


If you have questions or are interested in hosting a workshop please contact: Dan Firger, 415 398 4404,

After Rainforest Action Network's recent victory against Citigroup, we're in great shape to begin tackling the rest of the banking sector and cut off the flow of investment to destructive projects once and for all. But successful campaigns only happen with the support and participation of well-trained, well-informed activists. That's why we're proud to announce a two day "Strategic Action Training" in Boston, MA from March 26-28.

The training is being co-hosted by SEAC and GEAN, and will feature speakers and trainers from other groups in the Boston area. The Strategic Action Training Program enables individuals and organizations to become more effective social change activists. For years, RAN has been at the forefront of the radical ecology and environmental movement, using strategic non-violent direct action to win protection for the world's endangered forests and the cultures and creatures that call these places home.

RAN is committed to giving activists the tools they need to build their local environmental movement, and manage safe, effective and media-savvy campaigns against the world's largest corporations.

Training workshops include:

* Market Campaign Strategies

* Media Work

* Volunteer Recruitment and Organizing

* Non-violent direct action basics

* Blockade Training

* Creative Action Planning, such as Street Theatre

* Grassroots Fundraising

* Activist communication

* Organizing Protests

* Movement Building

* Campaign Strategy and Powermapping

* Running Fun and Effective Meetings

A two-day program costs $30.00. Scholarships are available, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. For further information please
contact Dan Firger at 415 398 4404,
Please forward this email on to people who might be interested in participating.

Geographical Scope: Regional

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