Artivist Film Festival

Starting Date: 04-22-2004
Ending Date: 04-27-2004

Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90028
United States
Merging Art and Activism for Global Consciousness!

The Artivist Film Festival is the first festival dedicated to addressing social, global, and environmental issues through film, video, music, art and photography. Art can be a powerful medium for social change by bringing people together, raising awareness, instilling hope, and inspiring action.

We seek to unite the entertainment industry, the corporate world and non-profit organizations towards a common goal of giving socially aware artists...hence artivists, exposure, while raising public awareness and funds for global social causes.

Each year, we will bring several issues to the forefront. This year we are highlighting Children's Advocacy, International Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmental Issues. The Children's League of America, Witness, The Humane Society of the United States and Greenpeace have been selected and will be recognized and honored for their contributions to these causes. All net proceeds for the Festival will go towards supporting these organizations in continuing their charitable work.

The festival premeries on April 22, 2004, the internationally recognized Earth Day, each day recognizing one of the charities. Films will be shown, forums/ panel discussions on topics for each of the charities, exhibits, representation from the entertainment industy including Tippy Hedren and Ed Bagley Jr., and much much more. Please check out our website for more information on the Artivist Film Festival...Merging Art and Activism for Global Consciousness!!
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