UW Oshkosh Earth Week 04

Starting Date: 04-17-2004
Ending Date: 04-29-2004

928 Wright St
UW Oshkosh Campus
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54929
United States
920-203-6966 (Bob P)
questions, email Jut at jutdog@hotmail.com

WI EARTH DAY COALITION – Saturday, April 17

A group of students representing the UW Oshkosh Campus Greens and SEAC will be joining more than 600 students in a statewide environmental awareness mission. In “Taking Action for Wisconsin’s Future,” the coalition will be delivering literature on the Wisconsin Legislature’s and the Bush Administration’s attacks on Wisconsin's core environmental protections. UW Oshkosh students will be meeting in Green Bay at 1:00pm for a rally to kick off the mobilization project. www.wisconsinearthday.org


Earth Week Art Fair Celebration
10:00 - 3:00pm Reeve Union Mall

Students, faculty, and guests will be able to view local art on display in Reeve Union. Art from local K-12 schools and daycare centers will celebrate the importance of the environment and the significance of art in education. Carl Traeger elementary and middle school, Lourdes High School, Princeton 3rd graders, Arts for Kids daycare, and the UW Oshkosh daycare have donated their time and art to express their concerns for environmental well-being and progress. The Gathering will also include art from UW Oshkosh Fine Arts students, faculty, as well as local community artists. Ashley Schettl and Ona Paul, known for their recycled fiber art, and Nathan Freidenburg, a fine arts ceramicist are among the artists displaying their work. Dale DeVries, Joshua Marquardt, Phil Sullivan, and Mandy Mabbott will join local children for on-site artwork.

1st Annual UWO Environmental Steward Summit
4:00 – 7:00pm Wisconsin Room – Reeve Union

A kickoff to the exciting Earth Week celebration here at UW Oshkosh, this is an evening of environmental education, organization, and motivation. Special Guest and former National Ombudsman for the EPA Robert Martin will address the scandalous corruption within the EPA and Federal Government. The controversial release of Martin from his position in the EPA has highlighted his accusations of the corporate corruption of some of the EPA’s top administrators.

4-5:00pm: Social hour, environmental group interaction, panelists and audience will have a chance to meet and discuss ideas and issues. Eats and Treats available.
5-6:00pm: Robert Martin discusses his experience as an environmental activist in the EPA, followed by question and answer.
6-7:00pm: Environmental Activist Panel, featuring Becky Katers of Clean Water Action Council, Andy Robson of the Earth Charter Summit, Roger Ratcliff and Donna Young of the League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club, and Robert Martin. Chaired by Tony Palmeri.

Music: ( Union outdoor court ) – times to be determined
UW Oshkosh Steel Drum Band
A Steel Drum Band!!! Nothing more needs to be said.
Sounds Like Braille
Out-jazz, prog rock or metal, and anything experimental, and even a balled or two
Myopic Son
Forceful rhythm patterns and intensity – fueled melodies. A melodic active rock style that is hard – driving, while easy to the ear
- One more band to be named -


Research Presentations, UWO Environmental Studies Senior Seminar
3:00 – 6:00pm Reeve Union

Environmental Studies majors and minors will offer presentations of case study research they are doing for ES 490.

Militarism and the Environment
5:45 – 7:00pm - Reeve Union

Targeting civilians, mistreating prisoners of war, and destroying sensitive infrastructure, such as large dams and nuclear power stations are all serious issues of war. The increasingly devastating potential of modern warfare showed, however, that existing international laws have not fully addressed environmental dangers, such as the indiscriminate use of landmines, the ecological destruction caused by mass movements of refugees and the potential devastation threatened by weapons of mass destruction. Founder of the Winnebago Peace and Justice Center and UWO student Bob Poeschl leads an engaging discussion on the harmful effects of militarism on the environment.

The Case for Universal Health Care:

An overview of the weaknesses, inequities, and projected failures within the current US health care delivery model, and an introduction to reform.

7:15 – 8:30pm - Reeve Union

According to the July 2000 Issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is now the third leading cause of death in the United States. Furthermore, over forty-three million people in this country do not have access to healthcare. Join Sondra Swiney, NHA, and UWO faculty as they address this serious issue that is plaguing our nation.

An Evening Soiree
10:00 – 12:00am - Winnebago Peace & Justice Center, Main St

An evening of affluence and relaxation, this is a gathering of all community and university groups involved with Earth Week ’04. Accompanied by smooth live music, come and congratulate your colleagues on a brilliant job. Donations will benefit the WPJC and its community building endeavors.

Music: ( Union outdoor court )
Airborne Burn Victims : 2:30 – 3:20
Upbeat disco with lots of nudity. But really, driving rock with a crazy twist of Jazz. If Happy were men, they’d be these guys.
Drop Dead Giant : 3:40 – 4:25
Goat–Falcon rock from Oshkosh, WI. If anthrax were women, it would be these guys.
Happy : 4:50 – 5:45
Happy is what every band should be – happy. For a weak stomack, digestion is put to the test. Happy is the pop band. Grab every pencil and pen in your house and put them in one hand. Now draw a picture for yourself. Happy is therapy. You are a nut-job. Do you take medicine? Happy is better!!!!!!!!!!!


Sustainable Energy Fare
6:30 – 8:00 - Wisconsin Room, Reeve Union
Join us for a panel discussion on Energy Conservation and Alternatives in Wisconsin. Presenting will be Tina Brueckner of Johnson Controls (addressing JC's campus conservation/efficiency efforts, & graciously supplying us with compact fluorescents to distribute), Dennis Briley of RENEW Wisconsin (speaking on wind energy developments), Bob Hernke (highlighting their NatureWise & SolarWise programs, as well as the Green Power purchasing partnership with UWO), & Jennifer Giergerich of WISPIRG (presenting on their Clean Energy program).

Music: (Union mall and Union outdoor court ) – All electricity free
Bric Dasho Acoustic : 2:30 – 3:15 (Union Fireplace)
A goofy, slimy cracker from the Rock’n’Roll capital of the World – Neenah WI. Join Justin Bricco and guests for soul-touching, slime drenching originals.
Recycled Drum Workshop : 3:30 – 4:15 (Outdoor Court )
Join local professional drummer Mark Powers for this exploration into the rhythms and beats of junk. Junk Jams will transform these “found sounds” into intense rhythms while developing creativity and team work skills

Baer Vs Powers : 4:30 – 5:20
The only rustic, old-tyme, fingerpickin, nosepickin jugband musician left in the jugband capital of the world – Oshkosh, WI – Aaron Baer
Fox Valley Strings Retro : 5:30 – 6:20
Lucas and Matt shred the stings and harmonies of crazy bluegrass


Environmentalism in our Government
Representative Spencer Black, D - Madison
Afternoon - Reeve Union (Time to be determined)

Join us for this engaging talk by State Assemblyman Spencer Black. A former conservation representative of the Sierra Club, Audubon Society Environmentalist of the Year Award Recipient, Wis. Federation of Teachers Legislator of the Year recipient, Clean Water Action Council Environmental Advocate of the Year recipient, and Midwest Renewable Energy Association Environmental Excellence Award winner, Representative Black will be discussing the rich environmental history of Wisconsin, as well as the threats the new Job Creations Act imposes on our beautiful heritage.

2nd Annual Earth Day Tree Planting
9:00am - UWO campus
The UWO Student Greens, SEAC and USRH will be joined by UWO administration for the symbolic tree planting ritual. - North End of the Central Mall (near Swart and Halsey)

Iraq – A REAL Look From the Inside
7:30 - 9:00pm - Reeve Union

A seven-member delegation sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) arrived in Amman, Jordan Friday, April 2 en route to Iraq. They plan to travel overland to Baghdad Saturday. During their 10 days in Iraq, the delegation will meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations, fledgling Iraqi civil society groups, and the U.S. military. They will speak with individual Iraqis whose family members are detained by U.S. forces, and with Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) officials responsible for detainees. The delegation may also visit schools, hospitals, churches and mosques. Based primarily in Baghdad, the delegation may also travel to other areas such as Falluja and Kerbala, and will document the current situation Iraqi citizens face under the U.S. occupation.

Members of CPT's April 1-15 delegation are: Gail Arnall (Washington, DC), Nadine Bechtel (Goshen, IN), Fred Brancel (Monona, WI), Tets Kimura (Adelaide, Australia), Kathleen Namphy (Palo Alto, CA), Greg Rollins (Surrey, BC), and Marion Stuenkel (Madison, WI).

Join Marion Stuenkel of Madison as she discusses her assessment of the current situation in Iraq. She will talk from 7:30 - 8:20 and will be available for questions following. www.cpt.org

“Rachel's Daughters: Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer."
Afternoon - Reeve Union

A film based on a group of women who have survived breast cancer, while exploring the environmental causes of the disease. Taking inspiration from Rachel Carson (who died of breast cancer in 1964) and her 1962 book Silent Spring, the women tackle such diverse issues as environmental racism and social inequality in research funding and health care. This film reveals the downside of industrialization with frightening clarity and does an excellent job of inspiring both breast cancer activism and advocacy. It is done in a documentary style. 106 min.


Studio Hall Benefit Concert
10:15 - ???

A 5–Piece string band with amazing solos, harmonies, and everything else you ever wanted out of the world’s greatest new 5 piece bluegrass band

Underground punk-rock, hip-hop artist Stefon Alexander of P.O.S. The young underground rapper from Minneapolis draws from punk-rock and hip-hop roots to let his rhymes flow. Stef raps poetic pictures to his audience about the beauties and problems within this society's social constructs, and also presents views on how to better the world in which we live. Stef's unique background as a black punk-rocker and now hip-hopper has inspired musical discussions of ludicrous racism issues he has encountered. P.O.S. is a strong hip-hop group focused on integrating positive answers into rhymes about social injustices.

Surprise special guest providing whacko funk and feeling.



Rosaeanne Hoefel 5K Run, Walk, Roll for Diversity
Saturday - Oshkosh Founders Plaza

A great opportunity to turn off the TV, get out of the house and get some quality exercise. The run walk roll will take you through a scenic path between downtown Oshkosh and the University campus. Registration is between 7:30 and 8:30, with the race beginning at 9:00. Awards will be presented to the top male and female finishers in run, walk, and roll categories. All proceeds from the race will be donated to the Roseanne Hoefel Multicultural Fund, which supports and promotes multicultural student activists through programs and scholarships at UW Oshkosh. For more details, contact professor Jordan Landry at landry@vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu

Immediately following the race will be a celebration with eats and treats, all accompanied by live music. Details coming soon!!

In The Clutch Boys and Girls Club 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
Saturday and Sunday – Menominee Park, Oshkosh
The first annual Oshkosh “In The Clutch” 3 on 3 basketball tournament is an awesome opportunity to get outside and be active, while raising funds for support and development of Oshkosh youth and families. For more information, contact Ben at 920-233-1414


Mark Kastel and Ecological Agriculture – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
7:30 – 8:45pm - Reeve Union

Mark is a farm policy analyst out of La Farge, WI, and President of M.A. Kastel & Associates. He has been an outspoken proponent of organic agriculture and family farming. He has taken on industrial agribusiness and the US Department of Agriculture in such arenas as the Atlantic Monthly, Vermont’s Rural Education Action Project, and many ecological agriculture conferences. He was recently featured on WPR in which he called for the people of WI to follow those in Mendocino County, CA, who voted to ban the use of genetically engineered food and animals.
Kastel will be discussing how your food dollar affects more than just your health, and the health of your family. It has a profound impact on the environmental health of our planet and lives of those who work so hard to provide the bounty we enjoy in this country. He will address issues ranging from the environmental threats from toxic chemicals, the largely unknown risks from the wholesale introduction of genetically engineered crops, the race to the bottom in world food trade ... to the good news about food and farming including the meteoric rise of the organic farming sector. He will testify that planning our daily menus can be a conscious environmental and social justice activity.

Family and Community Advocacy and Activism
6:15 – 7:15pm - Reeve Union

Led by professor and community activist Ann Frisch, this discussion will address issues such as transforming our neighborhoods, networking for social change, using the press, and developing a strategy for change.


Environmental career & graduate school fair
3:30 – 6:00 UWO River Center

The Fair will include representatives of non-profit advocacy groups and graduate environmental programs at UW Green Bay, UW Madison, and UW Stevens Point. There will be displays and panel discussions about the wide variety of opportunities for students interested in the environment.


Community Justice Fair
6:30 – 7:30pm - Reeve Union
UW Oshkosh and Community Organizations offer presentations of their environmental and social justice endeavors. Open to students and the community, come learn about the groups that are making a difference in your community. Information will be available while representatives will be present for questions. If interested in providing information, contact Justin Mitchell at jutdog@hotmail.com

Teaching Politically Controversial Environmental Issues
Wednesday, April 28; 7:30 - 8:30pm Reeve Union
Four UWO faculty (David Barnhill, John Baumann, Maureen Muldoon, and James Simmons) will join two UWO students (Nick Pustina and Nicole DeKeuster) on a panel discussing the problems and possibilities of teaching courses that deal with politically charged issues. Join us as we explore these issues, followed by a spirited discussion with the audience.


“The Lorax”
Mid Afternoon through the Evening - Reeve Union Theater
The Lorax" is an animated musical based on the beloved Dr. Seuss book of the same name. The story illustrates a valuable environmental lesson about what will happen to our world if we let greed run amok over our environment. The Lorax, who “speaks for the trees”, tries to reason with the greedy Once-ler throughout the film to get him to stop destroying the environment to make his “thneeds”. The Once-ler is loath to get the message until the last truffula tree falls and it’s too late…or is it? The film leaves its audience, both children and adults alike, with a great sense of empowerment and the message that hope for the future lies in our hands today. 26 min.

Any questions or suggestions, contact Justin Mitchell at jutdog@hotmail.com

If you are interested in adding to any events, or sponsoring any events, please let me know soon.

This exciting week has been made possible through the hard work of the UWO Campus Greens, SEAC, the UWO Environmental Studies Program, the UWO Fine Arts Department, the Lake Winnebago Green Party, the Winnebago Peace and Justice Center, the Women’s Advocacy Council, USRH, and the help of many beautiful groups and individuals throughout the Oshkosh area.

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