Greenpeace Organizing Term

Starting Date: 08-30-2004
Ending Date: 12-19-2004

DC And Europe
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
415-255-9221 x304
The Greenpeace Organizing Term

Advanced Fall Semester Training for America’s Top Student Activists
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Join Greenpeace and ten of the country's best student organizers this fall term to urge all candidates to address clean energy during the election. Travel abroad to meet and learn from international Greenpeace staff, and receive trainings from the nation's best organizers.
Spend your Fall semester learning in action: mobilizing students across the country on clean energy, working with people most affected by pollution and elevating clean energy to be a priority issue during the election. Coursework includes cutting edge Internet organizing, strategic campaign planning, direct action climbing, grassroots organizing, working with the media and building community groups.

The Campaign
Over 30,000 Americans die each year from particulate pollution from power plants. One in eight American babies are born each year with levels of mercury in their blood that could cause brain damage or other birth defects. Despite this reality, fossil fuel interests are pushing to roll back clean air and mercury standards. Join the fight to mobilize students across the country and mothers against mercury to make clean energy and cleaning up coal plants an important issue this election.

The Program
What: Semester-long hands on training program with Greenpeace, including international travel, in-depth campaign and organizing course work, and the opportunity to run a national clean energy campaign.
Who: You and nine other top students from across the country
When: August 30th – December 17th
You Get: Great skills, intern/independent study credit, world travel, great connections, lifelong friends.
Where: Washington, DC
Tuition: $5,000.00 (includes flight, food and lodging during International travel and training costs)
The Global Movement
The Greenpeace Organizing Term includes a weeklong trip abroad to meet with international students working on clean energy to share skills, build a global movement and have fun.
The Details
Coursework will include weekly classes on Internet organizing, grassroots organizing, strategic campaign planning and action climbing. Specific trainings will be provided as well on public speaking, media work, fundraising, project management and more.
Tuition and Credit
Ask your advisor if you can receive internship or independent study credit through your school for participating in the Greenpeace Organizing Term. Total tuition for the program is $5,000.00, which includes airfare, housing and food for the weeklong international skill-share and regular classroom training expenses.
Who Should Apply
Applicants must first and foremost be committed to protecting the environment. Participants will be proven leaders who are creative, passionate, excellent communicators who agree that systematic political, economic and business change must occur quickly to protect the environment. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are preferred. Greenpeace strongly encourages applications from women, people of color and other under-represented communities.
How To Apply
Submit a completed application, two letters of recommendation, and two school or work related references by April 19th, 2004. Web and printer friendly applications can be found here. For a paper copy of the application please email
. For more information please call (415) 255-9221 x304.
Geographical Scope: National

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