Protest The Democratic National Convention

Starting Date: 07-26-2004
Ending Date: 07-29-2004

Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
United States
In late July, the Democratic National Convention will descend upon Boston. With their corporate vanguard will come street closures, mass arrests, blockades, walls, militarized police, and a clear demonstration of force by henchmen of capitalism. Those of us here, who are ignored by the mathematics of power, are preparing to resist this invasion. For months now, we have been working feverishly to setup the logistics for this carnival of resistance. Based upon discussions during the consulta held in early February, we are proposing a three-pronged plan of action for the convergence.

The first leg will be an open-air bazaar and concert. The underlining purpose of this public event will be to demonstrate that corporations do not hold a monopoly on entertainment, and that participation is more empowering than being a spectator. We can organize and celebrate without the influences of profit.

The second aspect will be a diverse convergence center that will also support independent media resources, medical aid, food not bombs and many other community services.

The final prong is a call for massive decentralized actions in opposition to the DNC. This format will not only allow for a full spectrum of tactics and messages, but also serves as the most logical advancement in a continuing evolution of ideas and strategies for direct action.

For those who come aid in the defense of Boston, we will welcome you with open arms, as we join together in resistance and celebration.

In solidarity and struggle,
Bl(A)ck Tea Society
Geographical Scope: National

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