Mama Gathering 2004!

Starting Date: 07-16-2004
Ending Date: 07-19-2004

Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
here's what, y'all:

mama gathering is back in 2004 to pack another mean mama punch of the tastiest, sexiest, most defiant fun's the only time of year when you can kick it with your mama homegirls from all over the globe, and this july it will touch down in minneapolis, minnesota, where rest assured it is only cold in the winter. so bring your shades, spaghetti straps, sandals, and something to show off those fab stretch marks, cuz this is gonna be one hot scene.

by day, get empowered at some of the smartest, edgiest workshops around. from parenting topics to social justice issues to artist's offerings, there's bound to be something for everymama. this time is yours to learn, teach, network, and reinforce that the hand that rawks the cradle truly does rule the world. and while you exchange wisdom and experiences with your mama cohorts, turn your kiddos loose to take part in supervised kid activities and workshops, broken down by age for the best fit available. all workshops and kidshops will be held at the quality inn hotel in downtown minneapolis, where a block of rooms will be mama gathering's home base.

by night, venture out into the city for some luscious night life. both friday and saturday evenings will feature off site shindigs accessable by shuttle. whether you wanna kick back or kick it up a notch, the gathering's unique, kid-approved venues, gourmet grub and stage shows will inspire you to mix it up and boogie down. and where you take it from there...well, that's entirely up to you.

so, come one, come all to the biggest, baddest, most subversive parenting conference and party of the year! whether you're pierced or pinstriped, geeky or glam, a teenage mom or mom of teenagers, whether you drive a beemer, drive a junker, or drive yourself nuts trying to get your stroller on the bus, whether you breastfed, formula fed, or were so sleep deprived you don't remember, this is your gathering, mama.

we'll see you there.

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