2004 Allied Media Conference

Starting Date: 06-18-2004
Ending Date: 06-20-2004

Bowling Green, Ohio
United States
If you believe communities should control their media...

If you believe everyone should have the tools to create and distribute their own books, movies, music, newspapers, and more...

If you believe communication is a human right...

You should be at the Allied Media Conference.
June 18-20, 2004.
Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH

Every year in June, hundreds of the most passionate people from the world of independent media converge on Bowling Green, Ohio, for the Allied Media Conference. The AMC focuses on sharing skills, building alternatives to corporate media, and using media for positive social change. In addition to hands-on, DIY workshops, the conference includes film screenings, artist presentations, and a large exhibition hall to share our work. There are caucuses for video activists, community newspapers, and Indymedia members and a series of workshops for educators on using independent media in the classroom. Set in a small, midwest town, it's also a space to strengthen our community and enjoy each other's company.

The AMC will host a gathering on Saturday evening in the Student Union with a special guest performance by The Evens (Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina). The reception will be at 6pm immediately following Saturday's conference sessions.

Rooftop Films is curating an independent film festival on Saturday from 12-5pm. The mini-fest will feature (among a host of other shorts and features) a preview screening of Exist, the new film from acclaimed filmmaker Esther Bell that tells the story of two activists who take the ultimate stand for what they believe.
Mark Hosler (Negativland) is poised to bring the house down with his keynote address "Adventures in Illegal Art" on Friday night at 7pm. Rumor has it that his presentation will feature a public premiere of "The Mashin' of the Christ," Negativland's latest treat.
The conference schedule features 29 sessions ranging from how to get started doing grafitti writing to how to conduct a succesful video interview and everything in between. Check out the schedule and just TRY to tell us there's nothing that interests you.
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