Northwest Social Forum

Starting Date: 10-15-2004
Ending Date: 10-17-2004

Seattle Center
Seattle, Washington
United States
The Northwest Social Forum (NWSF) will build relationships of mutual support among activists, organizations, and communities in the Northwest as we share our visions of a just and sustainable world and find collective solutions to the daunting social and environmental challenges of our time.
We aim to bring together activists, organizers, and citizens from Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington who are working on issues of social justice, economic inequality, and environmental degradation. The first Northwest Social Forum event will take place October 15-17 at Seattle Center.

Modeled on the four World Social Forums that have taken place in Brazil and India and on the burgeoning number of regional social forums, the NWSF will host plenary sessions and open space workshops where participants can share ideas, struggles, and successes. It will also celebrate and demonstrate that "another world is possible" with cultural events and exhibits.
The first Northwest Social Forum event on October 15-17, 2004 will include a variety of open space workshops based on the following themes:

Globalization, Economic Justice, & New Economic Models
Protecting the Public Good
Peace, Justice, & Militarism
Environment & Environmental Justice
Indigenous Wisdom
Human Rights, Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Indigenous & Immigrant Rights
Art, Culture, & Resistance
Soon it will be possible to register for attendance online.

To be alerted by email once online registration is active, please join any email group that interests you.

Geographical Scope: Regional

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