Shaking the Foundations Progressive Lawyering Conference

Starting Date: 11-12-2004
Starting Time: 12:00pm
Ending Date: 11-13-2004

Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, California 94305
United States
The 2004 Conference will feature panels on animal rights, gay rights, disability rights, international human rights, criminal justice, youth law, critical race theory, community lawyering, environmental law, the elections, and public interest practice.

"Shaking The Foundations is an annual conference open to all students from Stanford Law School and other law schools, aimed primarily at those planning careers in public interest law.  The conference is designed to encourage students to use their legal skills in the struggle for social justice, to provide a forum for the discussion of creative strategies used by legal advocates and activists to further progressive goals, and to help students develop relationships within the progressive legal community."

Geographical Scope: National

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