More Issues For America 2004

Starting Date: 10-25-2004
Starting Time: 8:00am
Ending Date: 10-29-2004

301 South Locust Street
Greencastle, Indiana 46135
United States
To develop a centralized library of printed, audio-visual, multimedia and web resources that facilitate self-education and personal awareness around issues such as human rights abuse, discrimination, persecution, poverty, hunger, conditions of “Third World” countries (and “Third World” communities).
• To promote the connection between spirituality and social action.
• To promote the connection between the privilege of education and the responsibility to use that education for the common good.
• To bring to campus speakers who address wide ranges of audiences on a broad spectrum of peace and justice issues.
• To provide an informed conversation partner for individuals and groups struggling with social justice issues and how to address them on campus.
• To serve as a resource to various academic and administrative departments and student organizations as they address peace and justice issues.
• To build relationships with local, national and international social justice movements and agencies in order to create the possibility of student internships, Winter Term experiences, and vocational possibilities.
• To network with similar organizations and students movements in the higher education community.
• To create and advise dialogue and action groups focused on social justice issues.
• To promote participation in regional, national and international conferences dealing with social justice issues.
Geographical Scope: Metro

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