The Art of Politics

Starting Date: 10-29-2004
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Date: 11-20-2004

2213 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
United States
The Art of Politics
Curated by Nicole Dupont and Lee Wells
October 29 through November 20, 2004

Private Reception : Friday October 29, 2004
RSVP Required

Ashmore Gallery
2213 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305 531 0654

Participating artists:
Michael Ricardo Andreev, M.V. Clark, Joy Garnett, Nancy Gifford,
Miguel Guzman, Tina La Porta, Brian Miller, Elin O'Hara Slavick, and Lee Wells

Socially conscious artists have constituted a strong force in our culture throughout history, from Goya and Picasso to established and emerging figures in the contemporary art scene. At times controversial, such artists engage us personally while drawing us into a heightened awareness of worldly issues. Complex problems are examined with a poetic or subversive eye, and difficult questions are posed; hopefully a dialogue with the viewer is opened. Clearly there is an “art” to this. It is in this spirit that Ashmore Gallery presents The Art of Politics on the eve of this most important of presidential elections.

Miami has long held a place of importance in the political realm. While Florida has played host to official presidential debates, numerous unofficial events and fundraisers, as one of three key “swing” states it has also suffered its share of political advertising campaigns. The Art of Politics offers the art loving community a moment to reflect upon political questions without being brutalized by mass media strategies, partisan sales pitches and television sound bytes—a rare and thought-provoking opportunity.

Overwhelming political issues can be too daunting for any one artist to take on alone. Seven of the artists presented in The Art of Politics belong to a group known as the Armed Artists of America (AAA): armed not with traditional weapons but with ideas, skills and the creative desire to engage people in profound, beautiful and meaningful ways, they hope to set a positive, non-ideological, and humane force in motion. Above all, AAA seeks to stimulate dialogue regarding the issues facing our country at this crucial time in history.

The artists showcased in The Art of Politics are a mix of emerging and established artists who have exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. Presenting new and recent works in a variety of media from paintings and photography to installation, this show presents some of the strongest politically conscious young artists of our time.
Geographical Scope: Local

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